On-Site Services

Even the toughest equipment breaks! When your communications equipment fails, our field technicians are fully mobilized and properly stocked to provide quality repairs on location. Normal business hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm, and we also offer 24-hour support to maintenance contract customers through an on-call technician and a local answering service.

Services include a wide range of communications products such as:

  • Base stations
  • Repeaters
  • Microwave PTP/PMP radios
  • Dispatch consoles
  • Voting systems
  • Global positioning systems
  • Amplifiers
  • Voice and data logging

Our proficiency covers many forms of communications type systems and protocols such as:

  • Analog and digital P25 two-way radio
  • Trunking systems
  • Microwave networks
  • VOIP and I.P.
  • Signaling and alerting
  • Radio frequency propagation studies to predict new system RF performance
  • Wireless Local Area Network