United Radio

Mission Statement

The purpose of our organization is to provide consistent, high-quality professional service to the electronics market place. To accomplish this, we employ, support and empower quality individuals, and provide a great place to work.

Our Vision

To be the world standard in creating innovative solutions to the emerging technological needs of our customers.

Our Core Values

We believe that:

  • All people have inherent value.
  • Our differences make us stronger.
  • Family sustains, stabilizes, and defines us.
  • Honesty and integrity will build lasting relationships.
  • We have a responsibility to each other to create a better community.
  • Learning, growing, and accepting challenges enriches and fulfills our lives.

For a better understanding of our company, you can obtain a copy of our book, “Jake’s Place, From One Man’s Passion to a Corporation”, written by Arnold J. Rubenstein, by calling The Onondaga Historical Association at (315) 428-1864.